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Listen To Christian Audio Sermons

By Betty Hall

Ordinary pastors and Bible teachers reach millions of people through messages recorded on tapes or discs. It's easy to get Christian audio sermons. Many are delivered by ministers to local congregations but are also broadcast over radio or television. Ministries often offer copies of sermons or special audio recordings designed for ministry partners and supporters.

The teachings given by godly men and women help listeners deepen their knowledge of scripture and see how God works in our lives every day. Great speakers used to reach their own congregations or perhaps attendees at a camp meeting or revival. Now, they can impact millions of listeners and gain a much wider following. People who might miss a radio or television broadcast can hear a replay of it at their convenience.

It is very helpful for busy people to listen to uplifting discussions while commuting to work. Instead of feeling that time is wasted just getting to work, it can almost be like attending seminary. Tapes and CDs make a sermon available at any time convenient to you, perhaps while jogging or waiting for the bus.

Messages on tape or disc are especially valuable when you don't completely understand a teaching, or when you find one so important that you want to hear it over and over. Once you feel like you've taken a lesson to heart, you can pass it on to family or friends you want to bless.

The impact of audio messages can be huge. Educators and authors like Doctor Dobson help parents raise children, husbands create stability at home, and women find fulfillment in the difficult task of running the house and allowing their husbands and children to achieve their potential. Television hosts Pat Robertson and his son, Gordon, are seen daily on their news program and send out monthly CD copies of their teachings on spiritual matters.

People like Pat and Gordon Robertson, television hosts of the famous '700 Club' program, influence hundreds of thousands of people every year. Supporters of the world-wide outreach of this ministry receive a monthly CD of teaching by either father or son. Charles Stanley is a pastor in North Carolina, but he is a household name in America as he broadcasts his sermons on almost every Christian radio channel.

Many people say that listening to recorded sermons has changed their lives. Scripture which may be incomprehensible can come alive when a skilled teacher explains it, maybe citing the precise meaning of a Greek or Hebrew word. Personal testimonies of how believers have overcome trials and tribulations can inform, instruct, and inspire.

Learning how to incorporate biblical precepts into daily life is critical to righteousness. Recordings allow speakers to instruct people they will never meet in person. The resources available to those of us who desire to hear the Word of God and walk devoutly are almost limitless. Each of us will be sure to find a lesson or a series of lessons by a speaker that tells truth in a way we can hold on to.

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