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The Harsh Reality Behind The Drug Assessment Minneapolis Minnesota

By Richard Gibson

You might not want to believe it, but the law enforcement agencies in the United States do not actually care about the health or social ills attributed to the use of illicit drugs. The fact is, America and her War On Drugs has been an absolute failure. Moreover, it is quite certain that the failure has been intentional, contrived, and orchestrated right down to the requirement for a drug assessment Minneapolis Minnesota.

One who has endured DUI school knows the State will proclaim that any use of drugs or alcohol is substance abuse. Even carrying an honest prescription cannot protect you from a DUI charge if you are a member of the middle to lower income class. Helped by the black market of opiate drugs, the law has been given a way to impose their agenda upon even law-abiding individuals.

Fibromyalgia patients line up with the heroine addicts at the methadone clinic, but it may not be long before the State takes their kids, pulls their license, or simply harasses them with a DUI charge. Once charged with any drug related matter, even at the level of misdemeanor, the courts will require assessments to be done, at the expense of the accused. The assessors decide they have a problem more than 95% of the time.

Once they assess that the accused has a problem with their legally prescribed pain medication, and they will, they will establish a treatment program that they must follow. In about 70% of all the assessments, they will attempt to send the accused to a treatment center that is usually hundreds of miles from their home. To add to the preposterous nature of the program, all of this is done at the expense of the accused.

The treatment centers are hundreds of miles from where they live. Often they will house the individual and provide them with employment, but the center controls their money. They pay fines and fees to meet their probationary requirements, but they also keep a goodly portion for themselves, and leave little to no saved by the end of this treatment that allows them limited liberties and almost no privacy.

Treatment has basically orchestrated a program to evict groups or neighborhoods that get profiled economically. People living check to check will nearly always lose everything due to their arrest, especially when they cannot get bonded out before losing the job they had. When they have nothing left to go back for after treatment, the program has achieved the goal.

There is a need for such treatment in some cases, but people are being sold down this river for charges that are no more than traffic tickets. Even pedestrians find themselves being stalled and shaken down by officers bent on feeding this system. Only the most extreme addicts require this level of supervision, and it should only be done with their consent.

Towns under attack are easy to identify. An area with 100,000 residents served by four+ law enforcement departments in zones less than 100 miles around is probably in a silent war to raise government revenue. Officers aggressively flood neighborhoods and harass anyone who drives, walks, or bikes. All designed to fuel an agenda geared towards probation recovery as well as arrests.

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