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Methods Used For Children With ADHD In The Classroom

By Kathleen Hill

Children who suffer with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will struggle in school. There is no doubt about that. This is one of the most common behavioral disorders among kids today. It is the reason why teachers need to know about ADHD in the classroom. There are various techniques and methods for teachers to introduce in the classroom for kids who struggle with the disorder.

Most teachers are not equipped with the skills to cope with kids who suffer with this disorder. However, it is still important for a parent for find the most appropriate school for their kids. It is also important to have a chat with the teacher. Children suffer in different ways. They need to be able to connect with the teacher and be confident in their teaching abilities.

Some children will have more problems with the sense of focus. They will lose concentration often. The teacher needs to be aware of this, and make parents aware of this as well. Medication may have to be altered. They may need therapy or extra attention. Other kids will need to burn off more energy. Some children will have more behavioral issues which needs to be dealt with a specialized way.

Activities need to be planned according to a strict routine with a schedule that the child gets used to. Parents will need to encourage the child from an early age to get into habit of adopting this in the home environment as well. This is essential, as this is what many people with ADHD struggle with most of all. It can affect their relationships as well as their professional lives.

Teachers need to monitor their progress and take note of their improvements over the course of the years. They may adjust the length of the assignments according to how a child is progressing. If a child is not coping with the length of the task or they are getting bored, this will also need to be adjusted. Assignments can be split up into stages or phases, and should be made to be interesting.

Homework should be assigned so that it is simple and less complicated. This can also be lengthened over time. When a child is progressing and doing well in class, they need to be encouraged, given praise for their good behavior. A teacher who discourages negative behavior in the wrong way will cause a setback for the child. This is something to keep in mind.

Children who lose focus also begin to lose attention and begin to stare out of the window. To avoid this from happening, desks should be placed some distance away from the windows. Teachers should always make sure that the child is aware of what is happening. Attention should be given to each child, making sure that they are not losing focus.

Performance levels will also begin to increase when they are involved with tasks and assignments which are more interesting. There needs to be some variety in the tasks that are provided so that they don't become bored. Tasks provided should provide them with curiosity. This is especially relevant for the younger child who is always curious about the environment and their surroundings.

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