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The Value And Ease Created By The 504 Plan ADHD

By Amanda Hughes

The society has people with different weaknesses and abilities. However, those who have some conditions should not be necessarily discriminated and mistreated. There are children born with some conditions and most of them end up being harassed in their environments. The lawful inception of the 504 plan ADHD has seen to it that the unfair treatment reduces.

It has been quite a nerve gripping experience for many parents as these parents have been watching helplessly as their victim children are discriminated. This was because the ADHD condition makes one very slow in responding to matters and have a poor social life.

In school, children are fond of treating the affected fellows with contempt. This is very uncalled for and inhumane since it devastates and depresses the affected people. The law putting in place the 504 plan is a measure to ensure there is no such poor treatments and attitudes accorded the affected individuals. They should be handled just like any other individual in the classroom.

There is some extend some schools had gone of declining and denying intake of these victims. This was very frustrating as it denied the affected people the chance to study and better their skills. However, the case has been eased in the recent past since this plan took effect. Many schools are now considering the intake and admission of these people, without any discrimination or prejudice.

Due to the plan, the schools have eliminated the unfair treatment of victims by their fellow learners. In fact, it has promoted and cemented good association and relationship between the children who are fine and those who are affected. This emphasis has made the kids with ADD feel appreciated and have a chance to study like the rest are doing. They also take part in the activities indulged by their fellows who have no deficiencies.

Another important aspect the institutions have emphasized on is the way of teaching. These victims cannot be taught effectively the same way the normal one is. They have different grasping abilities and thus should be given the appropriate methods. For instance, some of them cannot concentrate for long listening to a teacher. Such people can still be appealed to by the use of videos.

Their way of assessment should be given a different and relevant approach. Among the members with the condition, it must be admitted that there are those who are more responsive and intelligent than the rest. It is, therefore, necessary that they all be treated in a manner that makes most relevance to them. For example, some of them can find it possible to write down answers while the rest need to speak through word of mouth.

It is imperative for all the parents to know the rights of their children. This is even more important when it comes to those with children who have ADHD. The guardians should know what the plan says and how they have to fight for their children. They should know the implications of the terms and how exactly they can put up a fight for justice in case of injustices.

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