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How To Recognize A Spiritual Salvation Path

By Donald Wood

When it comes to belief in a higher power or powers, there are many different belief systems. In addition, there are those who are Agnostic and Atheist. Agnostics believe in a higher power though are uncertain as to the nature of a specific deity or belief system. Whereas, Atheists have no belief in a supreme deity or specific Spiritual Salvation Path.

Most devout Christians have a distinct belief system in Father, Son and Holy Ghost. In addition, most also subscribe to the belief that the devil, or Satan can tempt one to sin against God. Sin, is often defined based on a number of different ideologies within different sects of the Christian faith.

In addition, the most devout Christians believe the world is currently experiencing the end of days. While this is the case, as so many have predicted the end of the world in the past, and such has yet to come to pass, many remain skeptical. As such, it has become clear that no one knows for sure if, how or when the world will come to an end.

However, others believe there is a specific route one must take to experience salvation. In this regard, most believe one has to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to experience eternal life and enter the gates of Heaven. In addition, most following this line of belief also have a strong believe in Satan or the devil as well heaven and hell.

Whereas, those whom often claim to be Spiritual though not religious often subscribe to a number of alternative belief systems. While there may still be grievances against others for some lifestyle choices, most often bigotry, discrimination and homophobia are absent. It should be noted, that there are some sects of the Christian faith which are more accepting of difference than others.

One reason so many people have doubts with regards to the Christian faith is the way the Bible has been used to spread bigotry, homophobia and hatred across the land. For, most who have a personal relationship with a higher power believe that if God does exist, the deity is that of a loving God not a vengeful one.

In most cases, those attending Southern Baptist churches are the most devout. In addition, these are often the individuals who preach that certain members of society are going to hell. In large part, pastors in these churches have also been known to denounce other religions as part of ongoing sermons.

As such, LGBTQ individuals may want to seek out a truly welcoming congregation by asking questions before attending a service. For, if one knows in advance there is still any aspect of discrimination, it is often best to go elsewhere. Then and only then, will any church start to realize that partial acceptance is not acceptance and that the policies are still discriminatory, bigoted and homophobic in nature.

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