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4 Pin-Related Pointers Offered By Robert Jain

By Jason McDonald

Are you planning on applying for a debit card or even investing in bitcoins? If so, you'll have to figure out a PIN that will allow you to access your account. Furthermore, you want to make sure that the number you choose can't be discovered by others. When it comes to selecting the perfect PIN, here are 4 of the best pointers that Robert Jain, not to mention other names in finance, can offer.

According to Bob Jain, when it comes to choosing a PIN, you must make sure that it's easy to remember without being easily hackable. The reason for this is that if your card or account finds itself in the wrong hands, it can be accessed with a single number. Instead of going with "1234" or the same number 4 times, select a PIN that's more meaningful to you, whether it's your child's birthday, your anniversary date, or what have you.

Additionally, you should think about selecting a PIN based on a word that holds some relevance to you. Let's say that, for the sake of argument, that you have a dog. Your pet's name, provided it's 4 letters long, can be easily entered on a phone since they correlate to different numbers. "Nick," for example, would be "6425" on a standard phone. Keep this in mind if you're stumped on what you'd like your PIN to be.

Once you have the perfect PIN decided, don't let anyone know what it is. Your PIN should be yours, and yours alone, to know and no one else should be privy to it. Even if the person you're sharing this information with is trusted, like a parent or sibling, you'd be wise to keep it to yourself anyway. When it comes to your finances, no matter how much money you have in your bank, there's no such thing as being too careful.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you'd be wise to change your PIN on a periodic basis if you have the ability to. You don't have to do this every year, per se, but you might want to take part in this every few years. This is a great security measure that many banks recommend. Not only will it help you protect your account, but it will provide you with peace of mind that will help you in your day-to-day life.

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