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A Detailed Information On African Presence In The Bible

By Helen Long

Truly, the founding beliefs in Christianity realm have been misguided by the current biblical citations which have biased illusions. This has solely being triggered by the ideology of masking the African presence in this holy book and absolutely dominating it with European characters. This is contrary to the multiculturalism nature of the bible which supports a variety of churches and Christ-hood ways. The history and archaeological activities have aided prove the African presence in the bible.

Several biblical miniseries have made tireless endeavors to precisely looking the holy book to bring about the actual facts in it. This has been advocated by the current generation which is ever thirsty of a faith rooted in truth. Similarly, it has also been initiated to eradicate the state of being mixed up by a monotony of the tint used to shade the images of the characters used in the biblical scriptures.

It is clearly evidenced in biblical texts that Africa is the cradle of humankind and is mentioned more times in this book than any other landmass in the world. This out rightly shows its presence in this holy book and thus most events outlined in it took place in such a continent. This hypothesis is depicted by the mention of terms like Ethiopians, Egyptians, Cushitic or other tribal words rooted in this continent.

In Hebrew culture, Adam is defined as dusky, dark-skinned like a shadow which clearly indicates the original tint of Africans. Similarly, it also portrays that the first man was made from the alpha soil which is clay dust and is always dark brown in color. Additionally, the early pictures of the black saints and other biblical characters were destroyed and replaced with white icons of saints and Bible characters implying concrete facts about the black dominance in this holy book.

Similarly, the sons of Noah were termed as the ordaining pro-genies of current races. Ham who was one of them was perceived to be the father of the colored nations due to its name which meant a black color. Therefore, this clearly illustrated that the black nations had taken a critical part in scriptural events in both the old and the new testaments of this Holy Book.

Similarly, the biblical patriarchs most were married or had their children with women from Africa. This aspect has shown the rise of African dominance in scriptures. Therefore, most excluded biblical texts took place in landmass of this black generation. Therefore, their presence in this holy book has a crucial role in the overall theological activities.

Nevertheless, the first church in Antioch is perceived to be founded by a black individual. This is backed by the first convert in the mission of the seventy-two Christians; who was the Ethiopian eunuch. Therefore, the blend of both the colors in such a Bible text is a surest-fire prove of the plan of God on the vision for the humane kind which is diversified.

Thus, the presence of black people in this bible has helped streamline the humanity redemption through a diversified mode. This diversity of scriptural formulation has out rightly manifested the nature of Supernatural Being which is well accommodated by a blend of a variety of colors, nations, and ethnicity.

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