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An Overview Of Results Coaching

By Laura Gray

Result training is basically a procedure which tends to incorporate various types of models especially those which are accepted as performance models. These models view different individuals as variables and therefore a very unique approach is adopted for a specific client. The results coaching involve seven crucial stages.

After completing all the essential stages of the program, it is crucial to understand how the end results would appear. The coach and the client firstly set realistic objectives which they both work towards accomplishing them. The coach is expected to have knowledge concerning the target plus the most efficient method which should be followed together with a good method of measuring the success of the objectives at each stage.

The first stage involves reflection. In modern world majority of managers plus some other employees tends to be in a great deal of pressure and stress coming from the accomplishment of certain tasks, the chance of thinking and reflecting on various issues is minimized. This step, therefore, focuses to encourage individuals to reflect for a long duration of time.

This incorporates assessments, interviews, documents, reviews, beliefs, background materials and assumptions among other crucial details. Anything which would have relevant information plus clues on the best methods of teaching so as to arrive at the expected outcomes while dealing with any kind of shortcomings is highly appreciated. Another thing which is incorporated in this model is ownership.

While in this stage the coach would actually create some good and conducive environment where an individual is expected to effectively focus his mind in reflecting on the environment around him. Reflecting is the start of a successful journey of change since it utilizes both the organizational together with personal awareness. Evaluation is the second stage of coaching involving results. Just like in reflection most of the people do not have time to focus on the future options before making any decision.

Most individuals are always forced to pursue the apparent suitable plan, before considering and assessing the probability of the plan succeeding. In this case, the coach aims to engage an individual so as to develop a very accurate procedure against other strategies allowing the best plan which has a high likelihood of succeeding to be selected and to be pursued as well. Understanding is also a crucial stage in this learning process.

The coach, therefore, focuses on developing a very good strategy which would make sure that a very accurate procedure is adopted in execution of the plan. Understanding is the fourth stage and it involves estimation of resources which are needed in the whole process. An individual is encouraged to be satisfied with the available resources so as to make the process to work out.

Listening is the fifth step, and an individual should keenly follow all the instructions given by his couch. The sixth step is now taking the needed action. Strategies, as well as plans, can pay off if they are well executed. But for an execution to be successful a step by step approach is required.

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