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Discovering A Womens Spiritual Transformation Group

By Larry Foster

When it comes to Biblical and spiritual studies, the two are often quite different. For, most often it is Christians and other believers whom turn to the Bible and Holy Spirit for guidance. Whereas, more secular individuals, including many whom participate in a Womens Spiritual Transformation Group often turn to community and self-help books as method of support.

Whether a program like the one based in Austin focused on the feminine aspect of the divine, or a church based study group, women can often benefit greatly from this type of event. For, most teach women how to listen to the inner-voice, or in the case of Christians, divine guidance. In either case, the programs are directed at those seeking to strengthen a spiritual connection and live a more peaceful life which promotes forgiveness and understanding of others.

In some cases, these events occur on a weekly basis while in others women gather once or twice a month. Whether working to become closer to God or a Supreme Being, the goals are often the same. For, attendees work together both as a group and individually to create a deeper understanding of all aspects of the divine. After which, it can be easier to connect with a higher power or powers.

While some people believe each individual has an inherit wisdom which resides within all human beings, others believe it is something which must be learned throughout life. More religious individuals tend to believe that the Holy Spirit guides individuals on the daily walk of life. Whereas, more secular individuals often look to self-help and other books for this type of guidance.

Most often the goal of these type events is to cultivate and grow the authentic self, becoming more in touch with inner voice and wisdom, clear attachments and blockages which prevent individuals from connecting with spirit while learning about the male and female aspects of the divine. Whereas, the overall objectives include reading a number of different texts often considered sacred, discussing various teachings, practicing meditation and focusing on purifying the soul. In some cases, prayer and journaling are also a part of the process.

As with a number of courses and other programs, there are some groups whom provide homework assignments. While this is rarely a requirement for participating in meetings, those whom can take on these additional challenges often get the most out of the process. For, while it can be beneficial to read a variety of texts and participate in group discussions, these home based assignments are often designed to help individuals grow on a more personal basis.

In many cases, these programs are offered on an ongoing basis. In doing so, this allows individuals to attend and take what one needs then move on to other areas. Whereas, there are also those whom need support on an ongoing basis. As such, whether attending an event with an end-date, or one that is on-going for years, women tend to benefit greatly by attending these sessions when and where possible.

For some women, it can be difficult to think about spending even a few hours away from friends and family. While this is the case, it should be noted that when a women can attend such a group, the family often also benefits. For, when a woman can grow stronger in peace, love and understanding, this growth tends to benefit not only the woman but the family as well as other relationships.

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