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Measures For Planning An Enlightenment Festival

By Susan Wood

After a long and hard week at work, people like spending some time off to relax especially when they have free time. Coming up with a successful enlightenment festival that will satisfy both the audience and the organizers is not an easy task. The following points can be considered by the planners to make it a success.

The first thing a person should be careful about this the location of the festival. It should be in an area where people have access to. Locating it at the center of a big city could make it unfavorable to many due to the congestion that they will have to put up with. A very local place that is not populated is a problem too since most of the audience may be residing quite far from the place.

Many are times people have failed to attend a festival because of being broke. Setting a date when money is flowing into the economy is a clever move. Also, consider how busy the people are likely to be before setting a date. Something organized for the weekend is likely to be attended by more people than one on a weekday when people are more concerned about their work schedules.

Successful festivals do not just happen. They are carefully planned and strategically organized. Every requirement on that day has been thought about for a period before it can be included on the list. Enough time will be needed for every detail to be taken care of. Event licenses have to be applied for, processed and issued to the organizers before the date.

The safety of the audience is essential. Misunderstandings can occur in the course the festival and fights can erupt. It is essential that the people be checked in case they have any weapons with them. Instances of terror attacks have taken place in previous events, and no organizer would risk putting his audience in such form of danger hence the need to take precautionary measures.

Laying out a budget for the event will help you know how much you are going to charge. The type of people that will entertain your audience is a factor to consider; how well they are known for their performances and how much they are going to charge you. For first time events do not focus on profits a lot.

When planning, ensure that you have a target group in mind. This is what is going to determine how everything else is going to be arranged. For instance, if the festival is musical, a performance for teens should not be the same as the one for young children, the middle-aged or the older people. Each of these set of groups has their individual tastes and preferences.

Marketing is what will make people aware of the existence of an event. If you are not in a position to use the media to do this, use the internet. Social media offers a free platform for you to advertise the upcoming event. You can use posters too, or you can call your friend and ask them to spread it amongst their peers.

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