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The Foreshadowing Of Christ As Explained In The Old Testament

By Mark Thompson

The gospel books that comprise the bible explain the life of the foretold Messiah. Different aspects which happened in the Old Testament explains the life of the Messiah. This means that the coming of Christ was known to happen even during the creation of the earth. The following are biblical aspects that explain the foreshadowing of Christ.

The death of Abel. The book of Genesis, Abel who was a shepherd used to offer a burnt sacrifice to God together with his brother Cain. God was pleased with the offerings of Abel and is documented as a sweet fragrance to God. The fact that Abel was a shepherd signifies the role of Jesus in the New Testament. Also, his death suggests the death which the Messiah died for sinners.

The sacrificing of Isaac. Isaac was the only kid that Abraham had. This is similar to the explanation of Christ which he is considered as the only Child of God. Besides that, Isaac was supposed to be sacrificed just as Jesus died for the sinners. God took three days before He offered them a sacrificial lamb. It also took three days before Jesus raised from the dead making this a perfect prefigure.

Similarities in the birth of Jesus. Both Jacob and David were promised by God that a great kind would be born from their lineage. Jesus is among their genealogy making this statement an explanation of his birth. Also, prophets like Isiah and Micah had prophesied the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

Foreshadowing of Jesus ministry. There are a couple of aspects which describes the ministry of Messiah. For instance, the burnt sacrifices used in various sacrificial events were supposed to one year old and were not supposed to have any blemish. Messiah is described in Hebrews as a person without sin who we become righteous through this.

Moses and the bronze snake. Moses was instructed to build a bronze snake which was meant to heal those who were suffering from snake bites. The fact that God chose a snake to heal their agony implies that Jesus came to earth and adopted our sinful nature and from that we become righteous. The bronze snake implies that we are freed from our sins when we look upon to the Messiah.

The story of Daniel and King Darius. Daniel used to live a life of purity which signifies the life that messiah lived. King Darius signed a decree which was meant to prosecute anyone who was praying to God. This did not bother Daniel leaving him prone to persecution. King Darius act of saving Daniel from the persecution does not bear fruit just like Pontius Pilate attempt to free Jesus from being crucified.

The similitude of the life of Elijah and Elisha. Elijah fed one hundred people with twenty loves which indicate the feeding of a multitude of five thousand people done by the Messiah. Elisha is documented to have raised a young boy which is similar to Jesus and healing the sick as well.

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