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Traits Of Good Christian Leadership Coaching

By Janet Stevens

Leadership and coaching are more about action and dedication in helping other people to move forward in order to achieve a particular goal or vision. There are some traits of Christian Leadership Coaching that are essential to have in order to help managers of church resources to do it properly. Without them, it will be hard to influence Christian leaders in managing their institutions successfully.

To become a great coach, the first requirement is that you are a person that is Christ Centered. You have to recognize Christ first as part of your life and that you will always be dedicated to conducting yourself according to His teachings. This makes church leaders trust what you say and they will try to be like you when it comes to gospel spreading. It also impacts positively on the faith of the people you are leading.

Another crucial characteristic to have is trust and honesty. Be a person that can be trusted with secrets of the people you know. Being honest means that you will always speak the truth and you will not fear intimidation. By becoming honest, you are able to say where things are not right without fear of the person you are dealing with.

Passion matters a lot in the field of leadership. It means that you have the determination to lead, to win the hearts of money people and to help those that can be able to lead others. A passionate person is not mean and would like to direct others how to become a leader so that they can help in running the church properly. Even leaders need some compassion when dealing with them.

A qualified and good coach encourages others. In this case, the words you use are not destructive and cannot make people shy away from the truth. But, they can attract more and encourage them to continue doing what is just. You will be able to correct those going in the wrong direction privately and through the use of encouraging language. Doing this will also teach those under you how to deal with their flock when there are issues for them to handle.

Another important trait is being visionary. A good coach is a visionary person, and can help other people to have or discover the vision that God has for them. This helps you to treat people as what they are supposed to be treated and this will help them to be that way. This makes people that feel low or as if they cannot lead to rediscovering their potential.

The last thing is courage. A courageous leader is the one that is able to step out boldly to present the word of God. This person has no fear of intimidation and threats, but will always preach what is right and just. This will encourage the people you are training to do well without the fear and they will also have fear of doing bad things at any time.

Teaching other requires that you live by the standards you talk about. Such standards are as described above. It is your part to identify areas that you should improve as a coach. You can also research about other attributes that can make you a role model among your followers.

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