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7 Possible Means To Further Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

By Dennis Young

Every person has a different emotional level. While some have mental fortitude, there are those that are weak and incapable of controlling their rage and other negative feelings. Regardless, our emotions play a huge role on how we assume, how we assess and view situations and also on how we face our struggles and other people.

Today, there are so many people who are focused on improving their IQ. While it matters to have good IQ, having a strong Emotional intelligence Canada really matters as well. Boosting your emotional capacity allows you to have better and stronger relationships while gradually changing yourself to be a good person. We have outlined some tips and handy tricks that would help improve your emotions which could help you in the long run.

Know yourself. The beginning to have a strong and positive EQ is to boost self awareness through a deep understanding of who you really are, the matters you hate and love. Make some effort to reflect on past experience, development, strong and some weak points, values and a lot of things. Work on this, but not quite rapid. Take everything slow until you learn many things.

Be open minded to all criticisms. Sometimes, feedback is heard even from the closest people in our lives. While you might or might not agree of the views of other people, learning to accept criticisms and even feedback can make you a stronger and better person. When other people cannot adjust to your actions, do not apologize. Unless you are the ones who made the wrong move, never apologize.

Proper breathing can help. Breathing can be a smart and effective practice in controlling your negative emotions. When an individual is often angry, chances are his breathing would be affected and all the bad and negative remarks would come out from his mouth. But once you learn to breathe a lot calmly and more effective in every situation, making decisions would turn out to be better.

Be very mindful to everything. Mindfulness is just about paying attention on your original purpose. By simply observing all your thoughts and even feelings without clouded and bad judgment, its likely for your awareness to develop over time. On top of that, you could even achieve clarity rather than confused thoughts. That said, mindfulness can help you have a better EQ.

Celebrate all your positive behaviors. People who learn to completely appreciate and even celebrate their positivity have resilience and could even respond even to the most negative and depressing situations. They also learn how to brightly and effectively assess every kind of situation. However, this could take time and some patience. Search for inspiration to achieve a good start.

Learn to emphatize. Know how to put yourself in others shoes. Most of the time, you might want to think about you alone and no one else. But by looking at the perspectives of others around you, this would make you think of the world fairly and nicely despite the bad situations.

Know your feelings very well. Do this on a regular basis until you have developed strong and positive emotions. Be aware of what kind of feeling you want to emphasize, especially when face in a difficult position.

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