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Are You Facing Problems In The Ministry?

By Dwight Stevenson

I am the type of person that enjoys learning more about my spirituality. Life can often get the best of us. My clients often tell me that they wished that they could be more spiritual. It's not easy to develop a relationship with God. It requires a whole lot of discipline and time. I am fortunate enough to have spent many long hours with God growing up. I used to sit in my bedroom praying each day after school and whenever I got a change to spend time with Jesus Christ.

It is important to first understand that being wealthy is not a sin. Great men of God such as: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job, David and many others were all rich. Even Moses lived in a palace. If being rich were a sin, then these men would not have been considered messengers of God or anointed men and women of God. It's interesting to see that men and women of God are always getting picked on. Many people believe that they should only live in a basic home with a poverty looking effect to it. The true question is, can these men and women really live like your average "Joe" on the street.

I asked him, "Do you feel guilty about anything? Is anything on your conscience that you have to get off your chest?" He said, "Yes!" I said, "okay, then tell me what is in your heart." He said that he had been a mean man all his life. He would often say insulting things to people to get his way. He was very stubborn and into himself mainly. He also believed in the philosophy of putting yourself first and others last. This is the total opposite of what Jesus Christ taught us. Jesus taught us to always put others first and then yourself. This man had lived a very selfish life and had hurt a lot of people. He started to cry.

He had to start preaching in churches and getting pastoral support from people that wanted to believe in what he was doing. It took years for him to get there. The fact that he can earn good money doing what he does is a true blessing. If he makes good money, it's because he is good at what he does. Nobody just hands you millions of dollars if you don't deserve it.

When I was twenty-seven, I felt God calling me to a prophetic c ministry. I felt like I could help people because I would often get prophetic insights into people's lives for many different reasons. When I would focus in on their problems, I would get answers. As I began to read for people on the psychic hotline, I realized that I had a gift worth sharing. People would often pay me money to give them a psychic reading. I have grown since those days and now prefer not to do psychic readings for money or even for pleasure. I guess after doing it for over seven years, my body got tired of it. I got used to hearing about people's problems and my energy took a beating. Psychic readings often take everything out of you. For whatever reason, psychic readings can really beat you up at times. It takes a lot of discipline to learn how to read for others. It's best to ask God when and if you should be doing psychic readings or what your spiritual path is in life. I learned about my spiritual gifts through journaling. I used to write in my journal at least once a day. I was able to figure out what I wanted and what I felt God was leading me to. I felt empowered to live my life according to what God wanted for me. I am happy to say that Jesus took me by the hand and showed me what my life was supposed to be all about. I thank God for giving me love and a spirit that is full of life and happiness. I thank God for taking care of me over the years. I really feel blessed because of it.

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