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Astrology Is Something Hard To Understand

By Paula Linger

There are mainly three types of astrology Indian astrology, Western astrology, and Chinese astrology. There is a history of thousands of years of Chinese astrology, from the ancient period peoples are practicing this astrology. Just not in China, this type of astrology is also practiced in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and some countries of Asia. From the ancient period the Chinese astrology is based on the Jupiter planet, for this it is also called Jupiterian astrology.

Like other astrology, in Chinese astrology there are charts, stars, planets, planetary motions, constellations, signs, glyphs, zodiacs etc. Indian astrology and Western astrology came out from the common origin. Zodiac signs are related to the original constellations in Indian astrology. But in the Western astrology, the link was broken about two thousand years ago. Though there are differences in links with the constellation, there are similarities in Indian and Western astrology that the sky is divided by 12 zodiac symbols. But the Chinese astrology differs here that the zodiac symbols divide the celestial equator.

But in Chinese astrology birth chart has a different purpose. Here the birth chart is often called Chinese pregnancy calendar, or Chinese birth calendar. It is stated in Chinese astrology that Chinese astrology is using this type of birth chart from at least seven hundred years ago. An original birth chart was found just near Beijing. This birth chart was used to determine whether a pregnant woman will give birth a male child or a female child. For this reason, this chart is also called Chinese pregnancy calendar or Chinese birth calendar.

To get the news of the child, you must know the age of the woman and the month of conception. According to the original chart, which was found 7oo years ago, there was 93% accuracy. The woman can get a boy if she is 18, 20, or 30 years old and if she conceives in the month of July. If you know the age and the month of conception of the woman, then by using the Chinese birth chart you can find out that whether she will give birth a boy or a girl.

To find out the characteristics of a person including the influences of planets and stars is possible by using a Chinese astrological chart. There are different websites that are offering free Chinese astrology readings. Almost in all astrology there are educated guess and deductive reasoning. The astrologers or psychics tell something and give suggestions based on some common information of the people of that locality, from where the client came. Like other astrological systems, here are also charts related to someone's birth date, place and time. The astrologers follow some sequences to define the characteristics of that person. There is a metal element in Chinese astrology, persons of forceful, strong, determined, respectful, kind, tenacious, are under this category. There is no metal element in western astrology, there are only four elements. If you think to go to a psychic or an astrologer, be sure about their background. They should have well educational background as well as enough experience. They should have enough knowledge in psychology and geometry. They should be honest. If you find all these qualities in a psychic or an astrologer, then you can go to him to get solutions of your problems. Their experienced suggestions can help you to overcome the obstacles of your life. At present, there are so many options at your door step, for the blessings of the International Network the Internet.

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