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Characteristics Of A Great Spiritual Transformation Group

By Christine Cook

The greatest change that anyone can have in their life is that which is spiritual. This is because this change involves a dedication of the mind and heart to a life purpose that is beyond human limits. There are various churches that help in this as well as organizations of different kinds. One should be careful when joining such associations to select that which will of the greatest help. The following are the attributes of a prime spiritual transformation group.

Purpose of establishment needs to be high. This is one of the prime attributes to take a keen note of and as such check with any particular congregation. The association should induce their members into developing a devotion into something greater than themselves. This mainly means having to love and adore a greater power over the natural self. One is also taught to be loving and devoted to serving other humans instead of transforming due to personal reasons.

Assisting with the neglecting of comfort zones. This is important at all times to consider and it mainly entails having to change in all aspects. There are many spheres of life that are touched on by this consideration with the major ones being intellectual, in philosophical beliefs, and spiritually. One should be exposed to exploring and knowing about the various beliefs that they have and also those of humanity. Truth appreciation and the questioning of norms should be ensured.

Mind growth has to be balanced. This attribute is important and at all times requires to be ensured. It mainly entails the proper development of the conscious trough objective means of reasoning. They should also cater for inclusiveness, morality, loving and the avoidance of selfish mentalities. This causes one to take a huge step in the journey of changing.

Activities that enhance faith. It is always critical and essential to check for this aspect in all the programs of the congregation. In many instances, the program will then be beneficial to provide awareness of the self at all times. Study groups are very effective in this aspect and as such should be had in the program.

Help with disciplines. Genuine change only takes place through the proper disciplines and hence one has to verify that the association engages and encourages such. This is mainly because the disciplines are forms of action through which faith is then built on. There are various disciplines that are desirable including prayer, fasting, and meditation. One has to take care to in such a manner verify that the association offers help in action taking of the various disciplines.

Opportunity provision for relationship building and growth. This attribute should be checked keenly and verified at all times as it also preselects a certain association to be effective. Relationships are important especially when one is undergoing a change of a particular kind. The congregations that are efficient recognize the importance of such in order for one to be able to change and grow. Hence, they provide opportunities for people to interact positively.

Service provision exercises must be enhanced. This quality is important and always has to be ensured with the best congregations. Community service and missions should be easy to engage in at all times.

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