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What You Might Not Know About The Heros Journey

By Kevin Jackson

Anyone who is interested in literature or movies is probably already familiar with this formula since it is used in so many popular tales in a number of different genres. It has been used so many times that people are probably familiar with it even if they think they have never heard of it. The heros journey has many recognizable features that work together to craft an amazing type of story.

A big part of these journeys is passing from the known to the unknown. Through a perilous quest, the hero gains vital information or an essential item. These stories end with the hero returning home.

Star Wars has become more popular than ever in recent years, and it can be amazing to think that it all started with a film that was based heavily on this mythological template. George Lucas himself did not even fully understand what he was doing when he first created Star Wars. This makes it clear that Campbell's take on this form of mythology was already in this visionary's mind simply from its broad presence in stories.

While this is hailed by many as one of the greatest types of journeys for a character to take, it is not without criticism. Some people say that the categories included in this type of template are highly vague, and thus don't really hold much meaning. In order for the hero to have a meaningful experience, the substance and content of the story must be able to back it up.

Outside of stories, this is a literary device that can actually help cure people of their mental problems. There are several therapeutic techniques that have been developed, being modeled after Campbell's interpretation of this myth. This is also used in self-help.

There are some who say that these journeys are geared towards males much more than females. That's why some writers have written their versions of heroine's journeys. These are interesting to read to compare and contrast with Campbell's version.

One thing that people find questionable about these types of myths is that it might cause the reader to believe that relying solely on these heroes is the best thing to do. Other authors have subverted this form of myth to make a different statement. This is basically that it is more important to be able to use and trust your own judgment because heroes cannot always be trusted, and it is important for people to maintain their autonomy.

When a storytelling formula is so popular, lazy writers tend to fall back on it. This is also common in places like Hollywood. Production companies need their movie to sell, and they know that this formula works.

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