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Why Opt For Sensory Therapy For Dementia Patients

By Kimberly Reynolds

The human body is sometimes susceptible to some illnesses which can be self-induced or through external forces. Some conditions such as dementia which takes place due to cognitive decline could be brought about by things such as head injuries, strokes or even brain tumors may affect the elderly. For conditions such as this Sensory Therapy for Dementia Patients is part of the ways used to help the individuals improve on their communication and daily life.

The word dementia is a collective term used to describe a number of symptoms related to cognitive decline experienced by different people. The illness is known to majorly affect the elderly caused by brain cell death which happens over time but is not categorized as a normal way of aging. Individuals suffering from this disorder end up having a challenge with their five senses which in turn affects their daily life.

There are some specific symptoms to look out for that point out to your loved one is having this condition. One of the symptom is forgetfulness hereby the individual may have some recent memory loss and end up asking the same question repeatedly or forgetting how to handle activities that they were used to. They also have difficulties in thinking, communicating and have a tendency of being disoriented.

The use of sensory therapy has been known to provide significant aid in managing dementia. Therapist often employ the use of familiar objects that are always around the patient to try and trigger some memories of them. By allowing the brain of the person to regain its cognitive functions, the individual will gradually gain the functions of the senses that are affected.

It is common to find patients who are experiencing this illness being in a state of depression and low self-esteem because they cannot recall or do things as they used to. This kind of therapy, with the use of familiar tools will assist the person in remembering some of the things he or she was always doing. For instance use of things that the person likes such as favorite flowers, books and familiar clothes can be of great help to trigger old memories.

Other activities that the specialist can involve the patient with include physical activities such as talking short walks around common places that the person always goes to, reading books and talking to the senior person, giving massages to help him or her relax as well as having a change of scenery to see how the individual reacts.

It is good to note that not all therapist use this kind of treatment to manage dementia. Different specialist use a variety of ways hence the reason why you ought to narrow your research to individuals who have specialized in sensory therapy only.

Alternatively, you can carry out some of this steps with the help of an online therapist. Some of these practitioners have websites and blogs containing advice and directions to which you can take care of the senior person while at home and still be able to achieve sensory stimulation.

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