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A Few Notes On Nurturing A Brave Life

By Gregory Hayes

Being afraid can make one lose key opportunities in life. There is no selectivity in fear as it can affect anyone. In fact, fear is considered a normal physiological reaction. It only becomes abnormal if it cripples the day to day activities of a person. For this reason, nurturing a brave life is important for any individual who wishes to succeed in their life.

In the road towards bravery, one should begin by accepting that their fear is one of many other challenges which can be overcome. Many people believe that the existence of a problem only works against the person affected. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact, this ignorance causes fear to build up and cause even further damage. As such, one should wake up every morning and take up their tasks with the assurance that the fear will fade away as long as they have acknowledged it.

Upon acknowledgement, it becomes much easier to confront a problem, taking one day at a time. As they say, an elephant needs to be eaten a bite at a time. Therefore, one should handle the fear knowing that it may not be overcome in one instance and that it may take several attempts to put up a perfect act of bravery.

The next thing that one needs to do is to find a mentor. It is easier to journey through life when you have someone you can identify with and look up to. There are people who may have similar experiences as you and have a success story to tell. Learning from mistakes that such people have made in the past acts as a guide to your own struggles. The ideal mentor is one who is slightly older or just about the same age.

Getting support from friends and family goes a long way in fostering your growth. One lives every day knowing that someone cares for them. They are pushed to go through various situations with zeal in order to make their loved ones even prouder. One can tag along these close people to places they wish to conquer. Friends and family provide a solid support system since they will always hold your hand no matter what.

Almost, if not all challenges require an act of bravery;from a woman giving birth to a person being literally thrown into a den of lions. Speaking to a congregation can also prove to be a challenge to many. Doing anything for the very first time may also be challenging, no matter how easy it may be. .

A support system outside the family is something worth considering especially if the matter is too grave for one to handle alone. There are many other people out there who may be in the same predicament. Coming together to share experiences enables an individual to cope with theirs. For instance, there are several support groups available for people with serious or terminal illnesses.

Bravery can be nurtured as long as a person is patient and determined to achieve it. People also need to know that being afraid is A normal reaction and should be embraced even in the process of trying to gain courage. Major milestones have been made by many people in society who have been diligent enough to face a day at a time.

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