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Basic Principles On Failure To Launch Syndrome

By Diane Schmidt

Many young individuals today struggle to attain financial independence and end up living with their parents even as adults. This is referred to as failure to launch syndrome. It is on the rise in the current society because of tremendous changes in the manner in which parents bring up their children. In a bid to provide a better life for their offspring, parents ruin the lives of their children in the long run.

It is not surprising that most adults who suffer from this syndrome come from a very successful family background. Parents of victims of this syndrome compensate for their uneventful upbringing by making sure their children never lack. What they fail to realize is that some of these children lose the drive to soar to greater heights because they feel everything is available for them.

While the new-age children in well to do families may never know what it means to struggle for survival, parents should make it their responsibility to make their children realize that not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They should make their children know about the struggles they had to go through to reach the point of success. This can be used as motivation to young adults to make them put an effort into launching their own successful mission in life.

The pressure of young adult life somehow make it hard for them to settle down easily. These young people may be trying to meet expectations of their parents and society at large. As selfless as this may be, victims ultimately suffer for failing to consider what they really want for themselves. Parents and society aside, young people sometimes become too impatient with their set goals, expecting positive results in the spur of the moment. When this does not happen, they become disappointed and go two steps further from their goal.

Failure to launch is caused majorly by the pressure society puts on individuals trying to make a name for themselves. It is yielding to these pressures that hinders true progress among young adults today. They end up living a life that does not really belong to them. To illustrate, a child may take up law as a career just to satisfy the wishes of their parents who are lawyers themselves and yet their true passion is in music.

The choice of friends is key in overcoming the inability to launch. Surrounding yourself with people who understand and support your dream is one of the ways to succeed. True friends should be able to point your shortcomings in a loving manner. On the other hand, wasting away in drinking sprees only works negatively for an individual in the long run.

With one bad decision after another, young persons end up becoming dependent on their parents all through their adult life. They end up moving from one career choice to another because of lack of resolve on what to do from the onset. Some may not bother to even look for a job or create something for themselves as long as they are being provided for.

In conclusion, inability to launch in life ails both the wealthy and the poor, male and female alike. The world over, it affects young individuals transitioning into adulthood. The most important thing is to assume a career of your own choosing and being patient in building yourself up.

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