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Categories Of A Career Anchor

By Joshua Bennett

In any profession, various types of drives are responsible to help people push their careers and success. The level to which one can be successful in the work is always determined by such aspects. The drives are important and represent those elements that one will never abandon and are permanent. Having to know them at an early age is helpful in career decisions, and hence one should check themselves. Below are the types of a career anchor.

Technical expertise. The functional competence that one has is very important and useful in the kinds of tasks that they are engaged in. This mainly involves one having a certain talent and motivation to tackle a specific task. One will always get pleasure in exercising their talent and as such can do it without any pressure. An individual with such competencies will always develop to be a great professional as they enhance their skills.

Managerial expertise. This mainly involves one having the ambition to rise up to organizational ranks and be a key decision maker. It is an important competency and it mainly involves one having to get ahead in the management and general sense of any workplace. One is able to employ ambition and various skills to get to the top of any management position. Such a person will be required to highly use their analytical, interpersonal and emotional competence.

Competence of desiring for freedom. This expertise entails the individuals that are more driven towards having their own freedom. They prefer to manage themselves and as such find it very hectic to work with any people that tend to supervise them. They love charting their own courses on paths they have set themselves. In many employment places, they will always go for those positions that they can be on their own. Organizations find it very hard to control them.

Security. This anchor mainly applies to those individuals who feel a deep need to have a career that assures them of total safety. They are mainly interested in knowing that all the various events in their future are predictable and assured. This accords them with a feeling of having gotten to the level that they then desire for. They are interested in engagements that can grant them with loyalties and proper order.

Creativity. This mindset refers to those individuals that lean more towards entrepreneurship in their lives and professions. They feel the huge need to tackle and topple any existing systems by having their own systems established to replace them. They, therefore, measure the success that they have on the amount of revenue that their ventures can generate.

Cause dedication. This is the type that is made up of individuals that have their aspirations towards the success of all the various values they stand for. It is important at all times that they have a change and effect on the society. In such a manner, they rarely value the use of talents in their work.

Pure challenge. This comprises of mainly the individuals that love conquering people and all the obstacles that face them. There are also those who are lifestyle-oriented that organize their existences around some form of lifestyle.

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