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Concepts Regarding BPD Therapy Ontario

By Timothy Brown

Most people suffering from this disorder have had situations or specific events that have triggered the personality disorder and intensified its symptoms. These triggers vary from one person to another nonetheless there are very common triggers that have resulted to the disorder. Triggers denote some situation or event that brings on a major spur of the disorder symptoms. The event may be external that is the environment or internal that is the mind and the thoughts. This comprehension gives detailed information on BPD therapy Ontario.

It is important to note that this disorder is mostly confused with the schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, nonetheless the symptoms are quite similar. Individuals with this disorder experience intense spells of anger, anxiety and depression that last for a number of days. The symptoms may be associated with drugs and alcohol abuse, episodes of impetuous aggression and even self-injurious activities. Some go to the extent of threatening to commit suicide and even trying severally.

As it was stated earlier in this account it is important to note that the disorder have effects on family relationships, marriages and even work life. There is frequent changes in long term goals plan due to the pervasive change of moods. Individuals suffering from this disorder frequently view themselves as unworthy and may feel empty, bored and unfairly misjudged. At times these individuals have no idea who they are thus their personality keeps changing.

Mentalization based treatment is another type of treatment that specifically focuses on relationships. It is a talk treatment that helps those with the disorder relate well with others by understanding what others might be feeling or thinking. It is important to understand other peoples emotions and feelings so as to be able to know how to respond to certain situations. The therapist may put the individuals in a group setting so that they understand and be able to do it practically.

In this account it is imperative to note that some individuals may be suffering from severe personality disorder and thus may need more psych treatment sessions that are intense. Good psychiatric management is another type of treatment that focuses on individuals who have gone through several treatments and are yet to improve. Mental health professionals are given the task to deal with these individual in intense sessions and sittings.

The other type of treatment that is widely used in Ontario is the transference focused treatment that is designed to help persons understand their interpersonal problems and their feelings. They are helped to do so through sessions that involve the psychotherapists whereby they interact and skills are disseminated on how they can handle themselves around people in various situations.

Recurrent suicidal behavior is also common with people suffering from the disorder, this is as a result of feeling unworthy. The disorder prompts the victim to indulge in self-injurious behavior such as hitting the head and even cutting his or her body. Gestures of self-destruction and threats accompany the behavior and finally the individual results into suicide if not helped.

In conclusion, spouses, family members and even close friends of these individuals are also advised to provide a conducive environment for them. This ensures that there are no triggers to behavior or moods, they are advised to closely keep them company to ensure they feel loved and worthy.

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