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EQI 20 Certification And Montessori Gifts: A Learning Tool For The Tender Ages

By Jessica Moore

If you are considering Montessori for your kids, there are many options that you can look at depending on their age. Investing in such items doesn t mean that you are depriving them of normal things to play with, it means that you are helping to stimulate their minds. You can also take an EQI 20 certification to complete your knowledge about children mind.

The idea of purchasing these items is so that it links back to the STEM structure, developed for the education system. It also teaches the use of hands and crafts. A good example of this is a toolbox. This teaches kids the importance of fixing instead of throwing. They come in plastic and is safe to use. Because tools are usually bigger in size, you won t have to worry about smaller items in these packs.

Toys that involve working with shapes are always a great advantage to kids. By learning to point out that a circle is a circle and placing it in the right slot, is already a step in the right direction even if the child is too young to say the words. Recognizing it is good enough.

There are also games that are suited for younger kids who are not able to read and write. Although they are at a tender age, there are items that are available to teach them basic programming. These skills will go a long way and prompt them to want to take up such careers when they are older. The overall aim of the game is to help the robot reach its home by creating a code for it through the use of wooden blocks.

Engineering is a fascinating field and the one thing that keeps people interested in it is the fact that they can make use of their hands and their minds in a creative form rather than something more theoretical. The same applies to kids. Some of them will prefer to use their hands and will be attracted to toys that are more creative than others. A great example of this is a building set. They usually come with over 500 pieces if not more, which you can use to build any item that your mind feels like. They are bendable and can create any shape that your child s mind desires.

Cards are something that most people grew up with. There are several games that can be played as well as custom card games such as UNO which is a popular game amongst families. The idea with this is that they learn the art of numbers from a young age whilst having fun at the same time.

For the more creative kids, there are also online art lessons that can be bought. These are basic drawing, painting and even coloring exercises that will help to enhance the creative side of your child s brain. If they are already good at using their hands, this could help to further enhance their talent.

The idea is to buy quality products over a number of toys that will not be of any educational use to the kids. It is fair for them to have normal toys too but if you want to keep their minds stimulated and busy, consider adding some of these to the list.

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