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Prophecies About Jesus Captured In The Old Testament

By Shirley Snyder

The coming of Jesus Christ was prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament. There is clear evidence of prophecies about Jesus and how they came to be. This is a list of some of interesting ones that are accurately captured in gospels about Christ.

Jesus was prophesied to come to the world as the Son of God the most high. His coming was for the salvation of mankind. This prediction is made in Psalms 2,7 where God declares that You are my Son, The one I have begotten. During baptism at River Jordan, the same words are repeated as a dove perches on him. The same message also recurs during transfiguration.

It is prophesied that a virgin would conceive and bring forth a savior. This savior is Christ the Son of God. Isaiah is the prophet who captures Mary in verse 14 of chapter 7. This comes to pass when Mary, a virgin betrothed to Joseph receives the message from an angel and conceives by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a mystery that comes to be in chapter 1 verse 23 of Matthew and other gospels.

The way of the Lord was to be prepared so that Christ can enter into the hearts of people. This was an announcement that was to be made before he was born or even began his ministry. Isaiah has captured it in chapter 40 verse 3. John the Baptist is given the role of announcing the coming of Christ. He states it clearly saying that He is blessed because he comes in the name of the Lord.

The passion of Christ is also prominently prophesied long before it came to pass. Isaiah 53,5 states the Christ was wounded because of our transgressions. It is through his stripes that we are healed. All the four books of the gospel capture the suffering and death of Christ. In fact, Israelites were given the golden statue to look at in order to get salvation from snakes. This was signifying the death that Christ was to encounter.

Chapter 25 of the book of Nephi verse 13 gives an account of how Christ is to die. He is to be crucified and die on the cross. He will then resurrect on the third day as a sign of defeating death. This is what the gospels capture. Salvation is only promised to the people who believe.

Psalms 22 captures the torture and death on the cross. This chapter details what his crucifiers will do to him. Verse 16 is explicit that his enemies have overpowered him and are nailing both his hands and legs on the cross. Verse 18 further states that they are balloting on his cloths. This is a perfect description of what happened to Christ at Calvary during crucifixion.

There are many prophecies that were given and fulfilled in New Testament. The few above only underline the fact that what was said about Christ years before he was born came to pass. There are many examples such that only an arrogant person can claim that the prophecies were untrue.

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