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Taking Charge By Understanding Law Of Attraction

By Jeffrey Thompson

Even greater is that living is by far the most extraordinary thing a person can do while existence itself is a cage that sucks the souls and beat a person down. But life is full of paradox, because it is a paradox in an of itself. One the one hand, there are puppies, and other hand, there are humans. So it is a mixed bag. One of the greatest lies and fundamental truth to living is that a person is in control. There is only so much control that can be exerted on the world, and yet at the same time, without that exertion, nothing would ever get done. It is a roller coaster, in essence. Like any good roller coaster, there are twists and turns and loops and ups and downs. Understanding Law of Attraction can make that roller coaster a little more predictable, or at least give someone an idea of what comes next.

Vibration is the source of all reality. Everything exists because it vibrates. This can observed in human cells, their constant cycle of dying and procreating is what makes a human grow, to become new.

The Law of Attraction can trace its roots to the year 1901. Actually, no, it can trace its roots back when humanity first gained sentience. Humanity only became aware of it 1901. The basic tenement is that like attracts like.

Simply daydreaming about better things does not compel the universe to bring those things into fruition. No, like attracts like and daydreaming is unproductive, it gives out no energy. In order to make something happen, the work has to be put in.

Like attracts like. As such, being positive will attract positive things. Being optimistic on life will in turn give an individual more things to be optimistic about.

Here is the thing about success. The mindset has to be right. When a person has the right mindset, when they put it out in the universe that they are going to succeed, the universe will respond and give them the opportunity to do so.

Optimism is the great key to success. When mixed with hard work, a person can be unstoppable in their field. The scientific explanation is that an optimist is more likely do things out of the norm, and the most successful people throughout history have always been those who put a toe or two out of line. Now, being a radical is not necessary to succeeding. What is required is a mind that is fully open to the possibility of success and ready to put the work in to get there.

Take for an MMA fighter for example. They will train, and they will train hard. They will work on their kickboxing, work on submission, work on wrestling. They will spend more hours on more days in the gym that most people will in an office. They will do all of that for at most twenty five minutes of fighting. The thing regarding any fight is that ninety percent of it is mental. If a person goes into a cage worrying about how they could get knocked out, they will be so focused on their defense that they forget their offense and lose on points for not being aggressive enough.

The thing regarding pessimism is that is entirely too dull. Yes, the world can be crap, but being pessimistic regarding it means never trying to do anything to try and change it. Being an optimist, conversely, means seeing the crap and thinking that maybe it can get better anyway.

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