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6 Things To Keep In Mind Concerning African Presence In The Bible

By Jessica Mitchell

Bible reflects the diverse and even multicultural view regarding the world. Therefore, some individuals have discovered and likewise studied some evidences which can signify the African Presence in the Bible. Specific geographical groups namely the Hebrews, Egyptians and such describe the color of specific people and then portray some elements that this book includes the strong black presence. African history played good role on the plan of God for all of us.

Apparently, there are many things which we do not know about this. But with some research and ideas that come from the professionals, there is a chance we can figure out a lot of vital things. Understanding about their presence helps us become aware of numerous things which we can be useful in studies and other major activities. Keep on reading the following paragraphs to be aware of a lot of things that could matter eventually.

Imitating and Glorifying God. Because we were made in likeliness and the image of God, we could somehow imitate His actions and words. On the other hand, many people have seen evidences that black people played a huge role on biblical studies and history. As shown in some pictures, there are a loads of things that the African influences us.

Personhood of Women. Black women are not only suppressed, but are also oppressed by some traditions and cultures that exploit and abuse them. As we learn and read from Bible, its noted that God created both men and women the same way as He is. Seeing a woman the way the Supreme Being made her could make others to accept, respect and even love women as people of equal standing, irrespective of gender and race.

There is huge proof that only signifies that the blacks are present on such book. One sure interpretation which proved their existence is discovered on the Hebrew writing. It is stated that Adam or Ahdahm was made from skinned like, brown and dusty shadow. Ahdahm was made from a brown or a dark brown in color. This mostly increases the belief of other individuals.

As described in Genesis, the Garden of Eden has a four river system in various regions of lands, which can be presented nowadays as the Ethiopia, Eastern Sudan and also the Eritrea. It was on 1974 in Ethiopia in which the oldest evidence of humans remained. Though there is a huge difference between Science and History, East Africa remained as the humanity birthplace.

Many Hebrew patriarchs mostly married and also get children from African tribe women. Furthermore, Abraham had kids which can be found on such type of tribe. Jacob also get handmaidens too. Studying and understanding more about black presence could definitely open some doors for possible opportunities and also discussion that help many individuals.

Of course, there are other books and research that supports the presence of such tribe in one of the oldest books in the history. When interested, keep on searching. Do not stop on working and reading everything until you have find out what you want to know more.

What matters is that you learn to understand what weighs importance. Knowledge is power. And yes evidence matters. But what is crucial is you at least learn to accept and embrace the things that seem to play a great role on achieving the desired goal.

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