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Take Five Minutes Of Your Time To Learn Mandarin Chinese

By Peter Chambers

Think about the benefits that you can obtain if you start learning Mandarin Chinese in just five minutes.

Imagine how great it will be to understand and talk a language that is spoken by nearly 20% of the world`s population. If you learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, you will be able to exchange information with other people speaking this language, find out more details about their culture and their ways, and take part in some of their most popular hobbies.

You will need to put some efforts into your journey and dedicate some of your time in order to reach a level where you will speak comfortably with a Mandarin Chinese native speaker.

However, it is not that difficult to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese, despite your current perception of this language. Even though you might be scared about the fact that you can`t read the Chinese characters, you should know that this is not the first step of your journey.

There are 5 distinct, recognizable tones involved in Mandarin Chinese. In order to start learning the language in five minutes, you will need to plan and listen carefully. People will usually laugh at you if you make a mistake and change the meaning of a particular word by using wrong tones.

Here are some advices that can help:

Take a moment of your time on a daily basis: Create your own routine by setting aside time in the same part of the day. You have to allocate just five minutes of your time to listen to a native speaker from a CD, DVD or videos from an important website. Increase the time you spend learning Mandarin Chinese day after day.

Don`t neglect the tones used in this language: You need to identify all the tones involved in Mandarin Chinese, particularly in the beginning.

Grab a text book: The majority of people who start learning this language use Mandarin Chinese books that are phonetically translated. Even though they may be useful in some degree, they include small number adjacent to each word that indicates a tone.If you persevere in your quest, and put enough effort, you will be able to learn Mandarin Chinese and have some fun during the way as well.

In the end, I hope you can enjoy your study of Chinese. I understand it's one of the most difficult language to master but it's also one of the major language all around the world. It always says if you can have a good time while you are learning. You can learn ten times faster than you think. Enjoy!

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