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Understanding How To Choose Vinyl Signs In Midland TX

By Toni Vang

Vinyl signs are useful in providing information to people or advertising the business. The material is durable and looks professional. Its appearance is more modern than wood or metal, and it does not degrade over time as these do. However, not all vinyl is the same, so it pays to know what each type is like when ordering your vinyl signs in Midland TX.

Scientifically, vinyl is known as PVC. PVC is a common material in industrial and commercial settings, and it is used in the manufacture of a vast variety of products, such as piping or paint. Ordinary people in the street would probably just say it's plastic, and it's often white. In signage, it has two subtypes - coated and laminated.

Laminated PVC is the cheaper option. This is is a statement of fact. However, the decision to use it is not as simple as mere pricing. While it offers a lower quality product, this is not to say that it's inferior, it merely has lower specifications than the coated alternative. Deciding to use it depends on the nature of the application and the conditions to which it will be subjected.

Laminated PVC can also not be used in hot air welding. It's of a lower quality, in fact, but without being substandard. Coated PVC is higher quality. The issue that arises is that laminated vinyl costs less, while at the same time it has lower specs. The central question is then as to what it is going to be used for and under what conditions, since in some cases it may not be an option at all.

Coated PVC, on the other hand, has a higher tolerance to colder temperatures and is generally more lasting than the laminated alternative. It can also be used in hot air welding. The vinyl of either type is supplied in rolls, and coated PVC is easier to unwind and detach from its roll. This is so because it is softer and more flexible. Yet it is also harder to rip.

An important part of making the signs is printing. Not all vinyl is equally easy to print on. Some designers produce very intricate, detailed designs. This is not always a matter of artistic taste - the company's traditional branding might dictate this. Yet it might not be possible to print the design successfully on the material. Coated PVC is more reliable for printing.

Lastly, the question of price is obviously a factor in deciding which to use. Coated PVC costs more, but it lasts longer. So, where the usual consideration of cost over lifespan is made, it is worth finding out in detail from the supplier what the specifications of their product are. If the material is not suitable for environmental conditions then the choice is easy.

Printed vinyl signs are one option in making signage, and one which offers the possibility of a DIY solution. This means, however, that the user should research the material to be used properly before starting on the signs. Contact a vinyl supplier in Midland TX if you need more information.

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