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Coming To Know Jesus Christ Again

By Telly Watson

When you hear the name Jesus Christ, you might end up just knowing him ordinarily. You'll think, "Ah! Jesus is that guy with a beard who made bread and fish unlimited and who was that guy who became a carpenter and was nailed on a cross right? So what?" Yes, Jesus is that guy you know. He has been introduced to kids in the early days of school so that they know who the savior is. As you grow up, you begin to wonder if Jesus is just like that. Heck, you're probably losing your grasp with his connection to you. It may be time now to get to know Jesus Christ again. You have to look at Jesus Christ' life, teachings and give him a complete examination.

Jesus Christ isn't some guy who just came from heaven and became a man who proclaimed to be the savior. He was a man who had the purpose of sharing the messages of God to people. When you think of Jesus Christ with an open heart, you'll begin to incorporate the many messages he is giving you. He welcomes you into his heart without feeling like it's being forced.

But why is Jesus doing this? Why should he give life back to people who are dead? Besides the reason that he says "those who believe in him will rise with him". He also raises the dead for those who show worship. This happened when a majestic ruler came to him to ask that his daughter be alive once again. Jesus heard this and when he touched the girl's hand, she came back alive and well.

Another finding was the infamous cloth that contained the face of Jesus Christ. Many people believed Jesus had planted his body's image into the cloth. But scientists wanted to see if that proof was real. After further investigation, they find startling results such as the fact that Leonardo da Vinci may have been the one to actually imitate the image of Jesus using his own body. This sparked many controversies in the world of the religions.

Another find was the separation of myth from reality. Many people who read the Bible know a lot about Jesus' attitude. But does it reflect reality? Even non-believers have been investigating on and on about Jesus' life and how it can be put together into reality. And so far, investigators have seen scriptures and manuscripts that hold true of the Bibles' accounts especially those in the New Testament. This evidence shows that although Jesus may not be real, there could have been someone who emitted a similar aura to that of Jesus. So they can conclude that Jesus may be just a metaphorical image and that someone else was Jesus. So far, there is no conclusion to this. So is Jesus real or not? No one knows for sure. The investigation still goes on. But whatever you want to believe in, stick to it. Don't just go claim to your friends, "Hey, Jesus doesn't exist!" Respect what others believe in because you'll never know what'll happen once the day comes that Jesus does exist.

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