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Psychic Readings: Not Everyone Wants To Give Them

By Lonnie Bong

When you first feel called to the prophetic ministry, you feel like you want to help people. The feelings inside of you often have to do with fulfilling your calling in life. Often, you feel like God is telling you to do something. Psychics often feel like they have a destiny to read for people. This is a good calling if you have a gift for seeing into the past, present and future.

Over time, many of the questions that people ask you will become repetitive. You may often feel like you are sick and tired of hearing about people's problems. It is true that 99% of the people coming to you consider you to be their last resort. People often go to psychics when they feel like all else has failed.

The problem with most psychic's networks today is that they offer little support for drained spiritual advisers. The majority of people calling the psychic hotlines today are not spiritual. They often don't pray or meditate. This makes the psychic's job very difficult. It is time to leave the business when you no longer feel called to practice your spirituality with others.

A person may walk away from their calling if they feel like they are tired of hearing from the same people. Often, psychic networks attract the same people to you all of the time. They often only want to know about who loves them and when they are going to make more money. Instead of using your spiritual gifts for getting closer to God and who will become the next president, people only want to talk to you about what is on their mind.

There is also a lack of respect growing for psychics in the world today. Many people want to fight with the psychic about their prediction and often tell them what they want to hear. It is a rough situation being a psychic reader today. Most spiritual advisers leave the industry out of frustration more than anything else. It is hard to live your life struggling to find specific answers for people.

If you want to walk away from your calling, it is understandable. Many people today will simply drive you crazy. The psychic hotline often draws people that want answers right now. Often, prophetic words happen later on down the road and not immediate. Many clients are demanding and want to know exactly when something is going to happen. It can be extremely time consuming to hear someone saying that they want to know when Mr. or Mrs. Right will call them.

Your calling should not be about pleasing people. It should be about obeying the voice of God that speaks to you. If you believe that God has called you to do something, then you should do it. If you feel like he is no longer calling you to do something, than avoid it. You need to be in focus with what God is speaking to your heart.

There comes a time when you must move onto something else for one reason or another. Often, we feel our calling shifting and it's for a very specific reasons. We must try to focus our attention on doing what is right. Try not to be so upset with people. People will often drive you up the wall with the same old questions. This is why most psychics want to quit.

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