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Apostolic Church Fishers And Its Mission

By Ann Jackson

The process of living on this earth is somehow very difficult to deal with. There are things that can consume you up and can ruin the inner you. Do not let it happen and let the change reign within you . The moment you decide to find the peace in you there is already a space where love can take control. Join us in our fellowship and together let us journey.

You might have questions that you cannot answer but there is an institution that truly cares on your desire to gain knowledge on His will and His bible. The apostolic church Fishers will be happy to welcome you and guide you through the great of world change. The members of this church are approachable and they do empathize the struggles of all and the scars of the past. Let us take you to healing and love.

We value the message of the bible. The bible contains messages. These are the ones He wants all to know and understand. He wants all to live by and with. It also contains stories of the past, that do have a great appearance and mercy. The people in it are all real and it words are scared for they flow for His power and no one else can able to provide something so real and deep.

Sins drive us away from Him but salvation can be claimed. Everyone is capable of making sins and this is an everyday struggles. No matter how rich or poor, it can be made anytime and anywhere even in the mind. But, you have to know that salvation is given to those who come to Him and ask fro forgiveness. How wonderful to know that you are now forgiven by a very mighty being.

Pursue the life of Christ. The life of Christ is so hard to attic because He is sinless and He has no capability of making sin. This is proven when Satan tempted Him during His fasting at the dessert. But, when you get to know Him you will also get to know the path He is calling for you. Pursue His presence and let the change reign in your life.

Prepare for the future to come. All must able to find their way to Him because He is coming and He will be building His kingdom. Only those who follow Him will inherit the kingdom He is mentioning in the bible. This is such a great opportunity for we can live with Him and able to see His glory when that day comes.

Bible study is conducted. There are series of bible study. This is done to educate everyone on its message. There are some parts also that are so hard to grasp because they have the underlying meaning and above all very figurative. During this time, these will be enlightened and become easy to understand.

Church leaders are active. The leaders are working hand in hand in disciplining and tending to spiritual needs. They have the calling to change one life to a better one. They do not stop from spreading the word to the world.

The service are prepared and arranged. The church service are organized. When it will start everyone can feel the power resonates around the place. The music is rich, the words of the preacher are full, and everyone are having a wonderful fellowship.

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