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Getting A Free Psychic Reading Online

By Syad North

You can always find an accessible path to a psychic reading. You can often find a special offer from an astrology company willing to give you 3 minutes for free. Just try out their services and they will give you a free introductory offer. However, after the 3 minutes are finished, you often get charged a per minute fee. If you are not aware of your time spent on the phone, it can cost you a few hundred dollars. In a worst case scenario, it can cost you well over $1,000. Some psychics charge over $9.99 per minute.

If your psychic adviser has taken the time out to study their craft through meditation, books and practice, they are worth your time. When someone tells you that they were born psychic or have a history of giving readings, they are often the real deal. However, many people today see astrology websites as being a place where they can work in order to earn extra money off someone else's back. They are not really psychic and can care less about you or the problems that you are having. They only want to receive money.

Free psychic readings are often not 100% free. A clairvoyant often gives you these introductory offers in order for you to test out their skills. Once you feel like you are happy, you often pay these spiritual advisers more money to do a full 30 minute reading. Some clients don't mind spending $40.00 or more for a reading. Many women and men feel that if the reading helps them, then it is well worth the money. Today, the psychic chat line is often seen as a counseling line.

Clairvoyants are not the only people giving free psychic readings. Others are astrologers and tarot card readers. An astrologer often crafts out your personal chart for you. Using your name and date of birth, they chart out your future. Nostradamus was a recognized zodiac sign and therefore made predictions that are still around 500 years after his death. Astrology is an age old science going back over 15,000 years.

Most astrology websites have disclaimers protecting them. It clearly says that if you use their services, then you are agreeing to the charges. If you go over your free minute time, you have to pay the per minute fee of the spiritual adviser. This per minute fee can run into the high hundreds of dollars. A cheaper form of getting a free psychic reading is through email. Many psychics type out 300 words or more of information for you. They often tell you what they are seeing for your life and let you know what to expect. You can often get more free information doing it this way then over the phone. You won't have to worry about your time being wasted or someone trying to scam you out of money.

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