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The Spread Of Non Denominational Church

By Jeffrey Stone

These churches are growing at the rampant rate that is now shocking most people. What is this so-called non denominational church? These are churches that are not answerable to any mother church. They were viewed as Protestant churches, but that comparison was somewhat not valid. These are churches that do not want to associate themselves with any denomination.

They regularly argue their separation from the early ministries where each and every congregation operated independently. The Gentiles also served their congregation through their leaders. However, the point they fail to consider is the fact that the early churches though they were independent, they used to communicate to one another through Pauls epistles. When there was a need affect more than one church the churches came together to get a possible solution. Different reasons have led to this rift in churches. Some of these reasons date back to the post second world war error. These reasons include:

The period after the 2nd world war was marked by a cry for peace from every corner of the world. Everyone wanted that one leader that could assure them that there would be no more war. The church was among the stable institutions at that particular time. It got carried away by the yearning for political, and leadership recognition and eventually some members felt the deficit in spiritual nourishment. This made them come up with churches that could assure them of everlasting spiritual nourishment.

To make the matters worse, this house of worship became more liberal and started looking down upon its traditional methods of dealing with issues. The group of people that could not be allowed to be part of the Church traditionally was by then accepted. Church disorder became rampant since the punishment was not done the way it used to be done traditionally. This made other members of the congregation feel like their congregation is being mocked and went to form the non-denominational ones who still adhere to the traditional view of this institution.

Interracial marriages became very common in most parts of America at the beginning of the 29th century. However, these marriages came with one hurdle. Most spouses found themselves Christians from different denominations. Amid this confusion, some members of the congregation came up with the suggestion of developing a non-denominational church that allowed people to worship together despite the difference in their denominational backgrounds. Since it was something affecting most people, the idea was readily accepted by many.

There has been a problem with most denominational churches and these problems are felt even today. The law to be followed by any Christian despite their denomination should be the Bible. However, they are carried away by their doctrines which they follow to the letter and eventually forget about what the Bible wants them. This has made some members of the congregation to seclude themselves and from their churches as they feel what is being done is not just at all. They typically believe in doing what they think is right.

Church leadership on its own has become a problem in these churches. This has been attributed to the complicated organization structure of these churches. The finances of this house of worship are under several different people in the hierarchy. Hence, chances of misuse are very high.

The cropping up of non-denominational churches is a clear indication how most people have lost their faith in these churches. This is owed to the infringement of various freedoms in regards to how these houses of worship are operated.

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