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Your Compassion Will Only Be Complete When...

By Evan Sanders

Find solace in touching your deepest wounds. There you will find yourself. There you will find peace.

It's okay to say "it's not okay."

Because really, as much as we pretend, sometimes it isn't okay.

Sometimes you're not okay, and you don't have to put on a smile trying to convince everyone you're alright.

Life hurts at times. Even as much as you would probably like to be completely unwoundable, you're not. We are all woundable.

This is truly what makes us all completely unique and special.

That's what makes each of us unique. We suffer in different ways. Experience life in different ways.

But that's beautiful. Because if we were all the same the world would be an incredibly boring place to live in.

But you never get anywhere by being fake. You have to be real. You have to be so real that the world sees you for who you truly are.

Every time you try to pretend, your soul knows your lying. You're cheating on your true nature and are completely out of alignment with what you know is right.

So the only way to truly heal is to bring buckets full of love and compassion towards yourself. We are the only ones that can heal our deepest wounds so we must be the ones who take that journey within. Without taking the journey, the wounds will always be left unhealed.

Avoiding this journey will pretty much guarantee that you will suffer for the rest of your life.

Healing is done when you head straight into the dark. Straight into the shadows of what you're scared of - lantern in hand - willing to shed light onto your fears.

In the end, you find out that the big fear you had was not so big at all. It was a mirage. It was a shadow pretending to be something much greater than it was.

Never worry about heading into the dark...

You are the light.

This light will illuminate everything you've ever feared.

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