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The One Lie That's Running Your Life

By Evan Sanders


Oh yes. There's a big lie, one that has been running your life, and you weren't even aware of it.

However, it's not your fault.

The story that you've been fed your entire life is powerful and very intriguing.

So I'm here to help you make this one change, and if you can seriously take this one step out of lessons I'm going to teach you to heart... and commit to a different way of thinking,your entire world will change.


Here's the lie you have been fed - there's this magical place where everything will turn our perfectly.

Let me explain this.

Imagine that you're always trying to get to this island where everything turns out perfect and it's all nice and happy. Everything is just great and all of your dreams came true. This is called the "island where it all turns out."

But there's a huge problem. This island doesn't actually exist.

It's a mirage.

It's the most beautiful mirage you have ever witnessed. It's beautiful enough for you to continue running towards it constantly because you think it really exists.

Even worse, all of this running to a nonexistent place ruins your life.

When you believe this great lie, you end up trying to always get to a future that doesn't actually exist.

And when life decides to do what it wants with you instead of going to your "plan" you think that something is actually wrong. You start wondering why nothing is happening the way you thought it should.

This will eventually cause everything to crumble around you.

But most never get the opportunity to shift their perspective so they spend the rest of their lives rowing rowing rowing and even if they do achieve some of what they wanted for themselves, they realize that their happiness still doesn't live in those things or places.

Think of mid-life crisis for example.

So how can you change?

Be like an amoeba.

Be like those little creatures you can see under a microscope that are constantly shifting and changing and taking on new properties of their environment.

When you live life fluid instead of rigid, you get to experience life for exactly what it is - an ever-changing and ever-morphing experience that we can truly experience all of it's beauty.

But here's where it gets really good.

When you live fluidly, you give yourself the chance to experience everything that life has to offer and live in the true "great surprise" of it all.

This is when you truly exit living in the future and chasing something that never existed.

You are truly present for the first time.

From this place, anything and everything is possible for you.

Your entire life will change when you stop chasing things that you'll never catch.

Stop rowing.

Be here.

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