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The Single Most Important Reason To Let Go

By Evan Sanders

"Don't be afraid to let go. Every new adventure begins with the ending of another." - The Better Man Project

Why are we all so frightened to let go of things in our life?

It's because we really don't think that we will find anything better despite how untrue that idea really is.

We think that what we experienced in the past is the best possible thing that could have happened to us and that nothing else in the future will come along to replace it.

However, when you really think about it, our lives are a perfect representation of one thing ending and another thing coming into the picture. Every single time you experience a painful ending it creates something completely new.

Maybe it was someone you had to walk away from. But you have to remember, that before that person there was another and most likely another before that.

If we stay open, another person will come into your life and heal all of the pain that the previous person had created. They will care for you in ways that makes you feel at ease once again.

And if that relationship falls apart, it will happen again.

And another...

Eventually, someone will come into your life who refuses to let you go. They will want to be with you forever and will fight for you when you need to be fought for and support you when you need to be supported.

That will be an incredible day.

So until that happens, you have to be willing to work with the pains of the past and taking on life's challenges knowing that they are giving you exactly what you need to succeed in life.

Life will always give you precisely what you need vs what you think you want.

These lessons can be difficult and they can harbor a lot of pain, but they are exactly what's necessary to help you grow and move forward with your life.

By staying completely open to experiencing all of the different colors of life, you will live in the present moment and continue growing.

That's a happy life. That's one of fulfillment.

Always trust your path.

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