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Top 3 Lessons From A Christian Executive Coach

By Bertulda Zerna

One advantage that a good Christian Executive Coach is guaranteed to possess is the ability to work with a variety of clients. This allows for a collective of wisdom as these professionals work with different executives and leaders across many different business models and niches. Following are three lessons that I have learned over my time as a Christian Executive Coach.

First, leadership is lonely. Every executive I have coached consistently talks about the struggle of being at the top of the food chain. Pressures come from internal and external sources. Everybody seems to want something.

Few employees understand the care and burden that leadership carries for the people they're responsible for leading. Leaders are constantly balancing between feeling as they they aren't fully understand and worry about how to meet everyone's needs effectively.

Second, a lot of leaders worry about their own competency. They must maintain and convey a strong sense of self-confidence, discernment and direction if they are to succeed. They're constantly wondering whether they're endeavors are poised for success or failure. A lot of the executives and leaders that I work with want to know whether or not people are capable of seeing through their proverbial masks.

Finally, leaders and visionaries never find the end. As I have coached Christian executives, I have found that even when they accomplish their goals, they push on to another one. There never seems to be contentment for leaders. There is always another iteration, one more milestone and something else to accomplish. Leaders lead; that is what they do.

A major benefit of opting to work with a Christian Executive Coach is getting help in identifying the best paths for your goals and encouragement for remaining grounded and understanding that you are never alone. There are other people who are facing the very same challenges that you're facing. This is sufficient assurance for maintaining your confidence, motivation and direction.

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