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Understanding The Universe In Linda Goodman Astrology

By Debra Hamilton

The birth of one of the most popular American astrological systems was on April 9, 1925 in Morgantown, Kentucky. This coincides with the date and place of birth for Mary Alice Kemery, who later became a famous poet and astrologer. Her book on Sun Signs, published in 1968, became the first astrology book to ever place in the New York Times Bestseller List.

Fortune telling is as old as human time. The romance of past, present and future connected to divine inspiration has survived its historical ups and downs. Predicting the future by interpreting your life according to star signs remains popular. Otherwise known as astrology, it is often encountered in the form of horoscopes in popular papers. Mary Alice Kemery aka Linda Goodman astrology is the most widely syndicated astrological systems, its adherents having formed schools and online forums, numerous printed materials and various artefacts.

Life is often an unsecured set of circumstances for people. They can turn to religion, with its set of stringent laws, lifestyles and beliefs. But for more common or everyday purposes, even the most pious believers will often go to horoscopes. These are more democratic, freely given to people from all walks of life.

There are some who will totally attest to the efficacy of Sun Signs, the milestone work from Goodman, who was a believer in the secret workings of stars and galaxies independent of earthly time. The author and astrologer believed that time, as people conceive it, rings falsely in the higher orders of universal exchange.

The connection between all beings in the universe was what Lady Linda, as one follower called her, sought to see and enhance. Her life was the first pattern of signs she studied and lead to a lifelong love for stars, symbols and their meanings. The legacy she left for people is the first understanding of the vast order of star signs that possibly controls how humans think and act.

Fame and fortune followed the astrologer probably because she was conscious only of the signs that ruled her fate. The most vaunted intellects were often the ones most attracted to the Goodman method. Remember, also, that she was thought on the same level as they and made old supernatural symbols very relevant to modern living in a practical as well as charmingly believable way.

For people who discredit astrology, the Linda Goodman star charts stand as the most effective evidence of its strength. No one can deny peeking into their future every now and then on Sun Signs. No one can simply label those who believe in them as a fringe, because it is quite a big fringe full of relevant and respected people.

Her astrology is a movement that moves throughout a world that is thought to be one that believes more in science than spirit. The astrologist was for unity and not breakage over the fact that the spirit is a universal element shared by many, not just humans. She let her believers into a space where the heavens ruled heart and soul.

Because there are beings out there we can tune to. Not even the most brilliant physicist can deny the existence of a universal intellectual order. And people are only beginning to understand it through the teachings of a very wise woman.

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