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Popular Figures On Christian Sermon DVDs

By Brenda Sullivan

Christians who want to grow spiritually must make out time to listen to God's word. This is why several missionaries have taken up the mandate to print Bibles and produce music tapes, tracts and Christian sermon DVDs. Christian sermons that make sense are those that include figures such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Samson and Jesus Christ. The lives and stories of these men are capable of inspiring any believer who yearns for the truth.

Christians should note that it is impossible to please God without faith. This is like saying that it is impossible to go to Heaven without having faith. To have faith in God is easier when one listens to examples from the Bible. A very clear example that Christians can emulate in the Bible is the life of Abraham who in his old age, still hoped that God could do a thing that seemed very impossible in the sight of men.

When the Bible talks about being vessels unto honor, it refers to people like Isaac who was the father of Jacob, the one who was later renamed Israel. Another important point to note about Isaac is his level of obedience. He was ready to give his life as a sacrifice at Mount Moriah so that his father Abraham could give a sacrifice to God.

Jacob, who was later named Israel, is a subject of most Bible scholars. The activities of Jacob, his personalities and qualities all add to what Christians love to study about in their gatherings. Jacob's resistance to be subdued by the angel who visited him at the place he later called Bethel is a perfect example for Christians to never relent in prayers.

Joseph was one of the sons of Jacob. He appears in most DVD sermons as someone that was chaste and fled from fornication. It is good to pick up DVDs about Joseph to learn more about his drives and what particularly made him say no to the request made by Potiphar's wife. His journey from slavery to governorship is worth studying.

Picking up DVDs that center on Moses will probably make you understand why he was considered the greatest prophet that has ever emerged. Moses was the first man to see the back of God and the one who led the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt following the death of Joseph and the emergence of a Pharaoh who did not know his story. More about his personality and why he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land can be heard on sermons.

The life of Samson should remind believers about the need to always watch and pray. Although he was filled with strength, he was unguarded with Delilah who persisted in knowing the secret of his power. His story has the lesson of using God's gift effectively and not allowing the devil to steal it through any means.

Messages on the teachings of Jesus Christ himself are also rampant on most Christian bookshops and it is necessary to have at least one of such in the home. Believers know that Jesus is the all in all and everything he says is final. The opinions of Jesus about love, faith, offerings and many important virtues can be clearly understood on DVDs.

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