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Making Things Work With Professional Relationship Advice

By Christine Sanders

A human being is a mammal. Many mammals are social by nature, living in groups and raising families. Human beings are no different. Humans live in communities and, on occasion, fall in love with one another. But it does not always last. Sometimes, the feeling can fade. But those feelings can be resurrected with professional relationship advice.

There a number of reasons people enter into romantic relationships. For some, it is a game. For others, it is a way to get the intimacy they may have been denied earlier in life. Of course the natural reason that people fall in love is because of a chemical reaction on the brain driving people to want to form social bonds but also to procreate, to create smaller, dumber versions of themselves in order to insure the continued survival of the human species.

But that love does not always last. Sometimes it fades away. The most beautiful thing two people will ever be able to do with each other is to create life. Unfortunately, that new life is a loud, rambunctious, little monster that has to be looked after every minute of every hour of every day until it grows up enough to look after itself. Looking after a child can drive people apart, especially if there is more than one. A couple can devote so much time and energy into childrearing that they forget to devote time and energy towards each other as well.

However, it is not just kids that can drive two people apart, sometimes because they are people, fully realized and independent adults with thoughts and feelings. Now, these thoughts and feelings color the opinions a person may hold, which means that opinions may vary. Now, if opinions differ in a relationship, it can lead to an argument. An argument can lead to an issue. An issue can fester like toxic mold until it poisons the whole thing. Different opinion are allowed, but unresolved issues are not.

But it is not just resentment and children that pull a romance apart. The seven year itch is a psychological phenomenon that states that satisfaction in a relationship dips after about seven years of being together. In fact, research shows that divorce generally happens after seven years of marriage, lending some truth of the concept of a seven year itch.

But the dissolution of a union is not completely dependent on resentment or on children. Sometimes, two people just stop working as a couple. It is not the fault of anyone in the relationship, some things just come with an expiration date.

But of course, for all things, there is help. Some may pen a letter to an advice columnist. But those with any kind of sense will go to a therapist of some kind to work out issues.

No one chooses to fall in love. Truth, no one chooses to fall in love at all. The choice lies in the relationship, in wanting to make something work.

Love is a many splendored thing. But it is also somehow both one of the easiest and the hardest things a person will ever have to go through. When it does not work, there is help.

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