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Taking In The Universe With Reiki Healing

By Helen Hughes

The universe is a vast, infinite, and ever expanding wealth of space and energy. The human beings who occupy a single planet are no more than mere atoms in comparison, less than dust. Of course there are people who understand their own insignificance in the face of an infinite universe. Then there are people who try to find some meaning to it, to find some kind of path that allows them to move forward while also being cognizant of their own insignificance. Some believe that they are able to channel the universe itself through their bodies, through reiki healing.

Now, healing with reiki involves the handling of universal energy. In some cultures, it might be seen as magic. In fact, the concept of universal energy or chi exists across a vast spectrum of human cultures and geographies. Be it called magic or spiritual enlightenment, it has existed in some form or another throughout the centuries.

A lot of people choose alternative medical practices for a reason. Some people turn to it as a last resort, after all the treatment options, experimental or otherwise, have already been attempted. Others were born into a culture in which such practices have a long, deep tradition of belief. Some people just mistrust western medicine.

There is no apparatus involved. There are no scalpels, no needles, and no anesthesia. There are no pills to be ingested. The only materials involved are the human hands, the palms of which are supposed to channel the energy through one person and to the next in order to heal.

Anyone can become a reiki master. This is because unlike conventional medicines, there is no governing board or sanctioning body of any kind. All that is involved is belief and human hands. In fact, training can be as little as reading a book or watching a video. There may be some schools in the discipline, but learning without instruction can be just as effective as formal schooling.

Now, some people can experience some improvements after receiving treatment. But this is not a given. Now, those with emotional trauma and a sincere belief or at least a desire to believe can benefit greatly from such practices.

Reiki is a pseudoscience. There is no evidence for its healing abilities other than a few flawed studies and isolated cases that can be explained by the placebo effect. But just because a person feels better does not necessarily mean that they are better.

Alternative medicine sometimes stands in opposite of western healthcare. However, it is western medicine that has the proven track record of saving lives and making people better. The placebo effect can make a person feel better, but actual treatment can make a person better.

A huge part of human culture is the belief that there is something greater. That maybe existence is not some cold, lonely, and ultimately pointless thing to slog through. However, the need to find something to latch on to should not blind people to objective fact.

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