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What Happens When People Misunderstand Astrology?

By Clive Daniels

Chinese astrology dates and Tarot card psychic readings are all based on the deeper workings of psychology and on the phenomenon of cause and effect. Chinese astrology dates identify a temperament for each year in a cycle of 60. A 60-year cycle is further divided into 12-year cycles representing the five primitive elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood, one cycle for each element. And within each elemental cycle we have one year for each basic kind of temperament.

If you are one of those people who have ESP or extra sensory perception and the talent to see the future, you should try to learn the art of reading tarot cards which can lead you not only to a potential path for earning, but also be able to predict what is going to take place in the future which could mean so much for us humans who yearn to know what is going to happen. There are of course books from which you can learn the art or several websites which you can visit to get an idea about what tarot card reading is; but the key to reading the cards and what each animal represents is imperative because there's always a special significance in what the cards is trying to convey to you when you read those cards.

As I said earlier, it takes quite some time to learn the meanings of all the cards; once you have done so; there are a few rules to follow when reading the cards for someone else. The first thing you must do is to ensure confidentiality of your client and not make him feel that once you have done your reading you will force him or her to make any additional purchase of any kind. You should also explain to the persons concerned what you can tell him and what you cannot be expected to tell him through the readings.

Tarot card psychic readings, on the other hand, depend on the belief that nothing is done by chance and that what we consider to be chance events are very purposeful. The act of picking out cards "by chance," from a deck, whether it is you or the psychic who does it, is believed to reflect your personality and its possibilities as they exist at the precise moment that the card was selected. The card then provides invaluable insight for the person being read on the things that are foremost in his subconscious at the time of the reading. This accounts for the fact that sometimes, a card will have nothing to say about what you are consciously thinking. Instead, the Tarot card will elucidate some critical issue in your subconscious.

It is said that most of the problems that arise in families are attributed to the struggle for power. The signs that are assigned to power according to Chinese astrology are the rat, ox, monkey, tiger, dragon and the snake. In the same breath, it is also said that the rat, ox, monkey and dragon also belong to a compatible unit. How then does the problem regarding struggle for power arise? Astrologers sometimes must face such puzzles and sort them out and it is at times like these, that the finer points of the zodiac signs and other elements must be gone into more diligently to settle the question of compatibility.

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