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When God Tells You To Do Something

By Dena Jazmina

God is so powerful, that we have no idea who He even is completely. He is the one that made the heavens and the earth. The earth is the Lord's and everything that is in it belongs to Him. God can often teach and show you what his hands are all about. I love the fact that God is always trying to heal us. He is always trying to show us something new inside of us. We can all learn a little bit about life. When we accept Jesus Christ into our life, we begin to learn more about God. We get a new beginning. We get salvation. God is the one that wants to give us help.

When God asks you to do something, you must obey. If you do not, you will feel like your life is in slack. I have spoken to many people over the years that have the worst lives. They have turned to alcohol and drugs for answers. This never works. If you need something to pick you up, then have a glass of vegetable juice. I have vegetable juice every single day. I love to have a shot of wheat grass juice in the morning and then in the evening, I have a glass of vegetable juice.

Life is full of happiness and abundance. When I think of my life, I think of it as a new beginning. Life can be full of challenges and new beginnings each day. When you take your time with things, you begin to understand yourself a whole lot better. I think that we can all learn a little bit from one another. Maybe it is because we all have something to offer the world. I think that life can offer us something that nothing else can. I think that when we feel a sense of peace in our life, we should use it to mean that we can go further and learn more about our own spirit and life.

I think that when we pray, God comes to us and offers us a new beginning. We can always challenge our own minds when it comes to prayer. Just open your eyes and ask God for his blessing. God will always come to you and offer you the same love that he gives to so many daily. When we come to God, he gives us a lot of patience and joy. I think that God can really show and teach us about himself daily. All that we must do is pray and ask Him for help.

When you take matters into your own hand, you begin to learn about life and the abundance that it can give to you. Learning to love life is always the first step in learning how to discipline your soul. I think that life can be full of good things. I often take time out of my busy schedule to pray and to meditate. When I do this, I learn to listen to God and to what life is trying to explain and tell me to do. I hope that I can someday walk k through life with little problems. Sometimes you can be challenged beyond what you normally can handle.

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