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Bothell Anxiety Counseling Therapists Recommend These Effective Natural Remedies

By Paul Brooks

There are a lot of things in this day and age that can leave so many people having anxious thoughts. Some of them include family, romance, money and health. That is why seeking the help of Bothell anxiety counseling therapists is being done by many in order for them to dodge the various complications of being nervous most of the time.

Drugs commonly prescribed for calming the mind are known to cause various side effects. When you stop taking them, you may experience nasty withdrawal symptoms. A lot of people are aware of these facts and that's why they prefer to deal with the problem through some natural approaches, many of which are known to yield results for life.

Consume green tea to reduce the physical symptoms. There is a chemical in green tea that's known to assist in reducing high blood pressure and rapid heart rate, and that's l-theanine. Mental health experts recommend the intake of at least 5 cups of green tea per day for best results. They add that green tea capsules work excellently, too.

Breathe in lavender essential oil. Plenty of essential oils have the property to relax the mind and body, too. However, lavender essential oil is regarded as the most effective of all. This volatile oil with a super relaxing aroma can be utilized with the use of a burner or diffuser. There are anxious individuals who like to take advantage of it in tea form.

Brew a cup of chamomile tea before hopping into bed. Having anxiety can lead to all sorts of complications, and sleeplessness is one of those. Insomnia can cause a vicious cycle to start. Failure to have some shut eye can worsen an anxious mind, and having anxious thoughts can aggravate sleeplessness. It's possible to have this cycle broken with chamomile tea.

Rely on passionflower capsule or tea daily. Various herbs are admired for their amazing mental and physical relaxing properties. There's one that is gaining the attention of many, and it is called passionflower. Available as a capsule and tea, it can be easily purchased from many health food stores, no matter if land based online.

Exercise on a regular basis. According to experts, exercising causes a surge in those happy hormones in the brain that can easily wipe out most anxious thoughts. Individuals who are terrified of the physical symptoms of exercising like rapid heart rate and profuse sweating may adhere to mild forms of exercise such as walking and gardening.

Allow your skin to come into contact with sunlight. Lots of vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. The said nutrient is beneficial for anyone who has mental health related problems because it's known to lift the mood. However, steer clear of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm due to the fact that it can increase your chance of having skin cancer.

Give enough time to meditating. In this fast paced world, it's so important for everyone to escape everything and focus on one's breathing for utmost relaxation. That is why meditating is one of the most important activities a person should do on an everyday basis. Currently, there are many meditation tutorial videos online as well as smart phone apps.

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