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Knowing Something Surprising About The Law Of Attraction

By Catherine Reed

The universe is vast, it is infinite, but in all of it, there is nothing quite like being alive. There is nothing more contradictory that existence. Being alive means having go through one contradiction after another, with an endless row of good and bad. But that is living, take the good with the bad, the diamond with the rough. Of course there are some ways to find the diamonds a little more quickly. Not that the diamonds are hard to find, it is just the some people focus too much on the rough. But then, maybe they need to be enlightened as to something surprising about the law of Attraction.

There are all kinds of beliefs in the world. One belief is that everything under the breadth of creation vibrates and does so constantly. Of course there is some evidence for this, as cells dying and regenerating does cause a small amount of vibration. Now this vibration is where the concept of good and bad vibes comes from.

The LoA is an unseen force. It operates in a way that a majority of people will never understand or comprehend. But it is a constant force that touches all lives in some way, shape or form.

The law of attraction is easy enough. Like attracts like. Putting positive vibes out in the universe will compel the universe to send similar vibes back.

Being positive will bring positive results. When a person wakes up in the morning in a bad mood, then that bad mood is going to have an effect on the rest of their day. They will be unmotivated, and their tasks will be more tedious and will be done much less effectively. However, waking up with some positivity can mean that a person will have more energy, more focus, and will be better at everything they do.

The way it works on people is very simple. People with positive outlooks on life are going to attract good things, good things will happen to them. This translates to a person being more secure in their position.

Now, it affects individuals in all kinds of ways, but mostly in mindset. Optimists are generally more secure in their sense of self and their own worth. This can lead them making power moves that may be seen as risky, but can pay off rather spectacularly. But a pessimist is not going to make the same moves, they are simply going to be paralyzed by fear. To take advantage of the law, there needs to be the right mindset. It is not enough to simply want something, a person has to be mentally ready to make it happen. They need to be ready for when it does happen, to strike when the iron heats up.

A clear example of this in the real world would be a mixed martial artist. At a minimum, they are going train in submissions, in wrestling, in boxing, and in kickboxing. But when they step into the cage, fear takes over. Even a small bit is enough. They become so focused on avoiding the offensive moves of their opponent that they fail to see the openings that could end the match. They defend the take down so much that they never see the head kick coming, and they end up not knowing where they are for a second.

Being open to possibility is not a magic bullet to success. But it is a round in the chamber. Positivity will allow an individual to see what could be made, what could happen.

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